Why You Need to Choose Denillo Builders for Your Next Home

A New Home is a big investment and an important decision, both personally and financially.

We want you to educate yourself about the advantages of our product and then compare us  to the other builders here in the Cape Coral and Fort Myers area – even all of Lee County if you like.

Here are the reasons we consider Denillo Builders to be “THE GOLD STANDARD in GREEN HOMES

We specialize in constructing homes built with insulated concrete form construction using Logix technology. This means the exterior walls will be solid concrete, not hollow blocks. The foam also provides insulation on both the inside and outside of the wall.

What kinds of windows are being installed in your investment? Are they insulated impact windows that increase energy efficiency? Will you need shutters in the event of a hurricane? We use high impact insulated windows that have even earned the Good Housekeeping seal of approval. They are so impact resistant you have no need of hurricane shutters.

If you want a safe, quiet, attractive, energy efficient home then you want the best – a home by DENILLO BUILDERS.

Why a Insulated Concrete Form Home

Cost Savings

Most builders use R30 Batt insulation in their ceilings and R4-5 insulation in the walls. Our homes are of Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) walls that have an R25-R30 rating. We use radiant barrier plywood in our roofs to reflect the heat from the attic. This means we use half the air conditioning of a conventional block home, resulting in significantly lower energy bills. Imagine that savings alone over the life of your home!

Safety and Protection

A Denillo Builders home also offers greater safety and protection. The steel reinforced, solid concrete core protects your home against fires, hurricanes and could even be engineered to withstand earthquakes. Research has proven that an ICF home is the one that will be left standing in the event of any severe storm or natural disaster.

Peace of Mind

Feel better knowing your house helps protect you from unwanted outside elements.

The insulated core is more airtight than a traditional block home. This means our homes are more airtight and it is easier to control the interior air quality. This also means you have no moisture to for the growth of mold or mildew. Our block are also pretreated to prevent insect infestation.

This added insulation also results in a much quieter home. The concrete core significantly reduces the penetration of outside noise.


2624 SQ FT Living Area – Call for Pricing


3 BED / 2 BATH – 2794 SQ FT Living Area

4090 SQ FT Living Area – Call for Pricing

2558 SQ FT Living Area – Call for Pricing

3824 SQ FT Living Area – Call for Pricing

2812 SQ FT Living Area – Call for Pricing

3360 SQ FT Living Area – Call for Pricing


3 BED / 2 BATH –3317 SQ FT Living Area


Completed House Sold Aug 2015

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